Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

projection mapping in agra, india

Projection mapping agra, india from François Schwamborn on Vimeo.
Projection mapping in Agra, India

Hotal Sarovar Portico


Arjun Jain (Semblance)
Abhinav Mittal (Semblance)


Florian Schwamborn (Europ'Arts production)
Charles Truchard

Concept & Visuals:

Tarek Mawad (3 Hund)
François Schwamborn (Visual Disciple)
Friedrich van Schoor (3 Hund)


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  3. Really nice one! I liked how good it was synchronized with the music. I like projection mapping with some story line, however this one was very good even without it. I always wondered how do you do this. Do you make measurements of true building before making things done in the computer modeling? Do you follow some systematic rules of making animations? Anyway I would rate you higher if I got the power to change rating of